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alBiruni horoscope
The Horoscope of Baghdad
The unique horoscope of Baghdad shows us one of the ways astrology was used by rulers in the Islamic empire. Despite choosing the best possible time for the city's foundation, the astrologers...
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Water bottle jugs and container drawing-21 Feb 2024-modified-pixlr
The Art of Drinking Water
It has taken me more than five decades to understand the correct ways of drinking water. In spite of my substantial intake of water, I was perpetually dehydrated. I realized my mistake,...
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Serpent dragon with title
Rahu-Ketu Transits 2022-2023 in Pakistan's Horoscope
Rahu and Ketu, the shadow planets have just moved into Pisces-Virgo. What does this mean for Pakistan from an astrological perspective? On the surface, we see trouble brewing. Yet inherently,...
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Juni & Safari in 2016
Esoteric Dimensions of Homeopathic Remedies
Homeopathic remedies can reach subtle realms of our existence. This is a story of two dog companions who became intertwined when one of them died.
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Dengue homeo remedies-retouched
Homeopathy for Dengue Fever
Dengue is on the rise in Lahore during September and October. Homeopathy is an effective medicine that offers relief as well as sound treatment.
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Daily Telegraph-Pakistan-India-Independence 15Aug1947
Pakistan's True Birth Date
Pakistan was born on Friday, 15th August 1947 at midnight.
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