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I’m an astrologer, healer and homeopath. My explorations into astrology, both the western and eastern traditions have helped me towards living a more purposeful life. Health and finding ways to maintain good health is part of my purpose. To me, being healthy means being creative, joyful and grateful for all the blessings in my life. Having health also means having the tools to manage stresses and challenges of everyday living. 

Can I help you find your path?  Yes, and no. I can guide you so that you become more self-aware and find good health. That in itself will lead you to your meaningful path. 

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The ultimate goal of my blogs, workshops and courses is to connect us with the cosmos. This may sound abstract but this connection is integral for our well-being, and for the health of planet earth. The seven planets are divine timekeepers of the universe. They don’t cause things to happen. They merely tell us the time when something happens. Like the Sun tells us when to start preparing for cold temperatures ahead or the Moon lets us know about the tides being high or low. These celestial bodies are there to guide us. Their language is embedded in the patterns they form in the skies that are like maps to keep us right on track.  

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