Rahu-Ketu Transits 2022-2023 in Pakistan’s Horoscope

On 31st October 2023, Rahu and Ketu, the celestial serpent-dragon shifts into the zodiac signs Pisces and Virgo. With the malefic nodes exiting Pakistan’s first house-seventh house (1H-7H) axis where they’ve resided for the last 18 months, we can heave a great sigh of relief. Any malefic planet passing through the 1H tends to rock the entire boat with some severity. Rahu-Ketu are infamous for ushering in times of turmoil and confusion. But in their defense, even though it feels otherwise, nothing they bring up is ever ‘out of the blue’. Decisions were made and actions were taken that logically lead to certain consequences. As they go through the circle of the zodiac, Rahu-Ketu don’t create situations, they merely highlight areas that need attention. The abruptness of Rahu-Ketu, however, can be sometimes pretty dramatic. The serpent’s venom is usually debilitating and only lethal if its warnings are ignored continually. Even then, Rahu-Ketu’s push-pull polarity brings many opportunities for improvement and reform.  

Rahu-Ketu in Aries-Libra, 18th March 2022 | Time for a Reset

So the sudden brakes, the world going topsy turvy, the scary roller coaster ride — are totally in the character of this cosmic serpent. For Pakistan, Rahu-Ketu’s transit through the 1H-7H during 2022 has been a trial but it also indicated the time for the beginning of a reset.

In March-April 2022, when Rahu-Ketu entered these houses in the country’s horoscope, they signaled major upheavals. This was especially the case because simultaneously some other significant alignments were also forming. During 2022, two other major triggers indicated a reset particularly in matters related to the country’s well-being and future leadership.

The Firdaria System

The first of these is based on an ancient time cycle that was used by Persian and Arab astrologers from early medieval times. It’s called Firdaria and it’s a cycle of 75 years from birth. On 15th August 2022, Pakistan completed its first firdaria cycle. Stepping into its 76th year, it triggered a new series in this time cycle system which means new beginnings. However, we have to remember that the new starting point follows from current situations and existing foundations. So, the past 75 years have to be factored in since we are still dealing with the same horoscope. Usually towards the end of the cycle, it feels as if we’re speeding towards a collision course, there’s a sense of helplessness  and uncertainty  which can continue even into the early beginnings of the cycle. Confusion prevails before clarity appears. But nothing happens on its own, so human agency is key to clearing the murky waters. Here, astrology is a useful tool as it can indicate when to take action and describe the nature and possible methods of action to be taken.

Annual Profections

On the same day in August 2022, according to astrological profections, Pakistan’s fourth house (4H) came into focus. This is a critical house. In some ways, it is even more important than the 1H of the horoscope because its significations include ‘peace and stability’ and it shows how things come to an end. It literally represents the motherland. A house that indicates the capacity for establishing security, peace, stability and comforts. Although our fourth house has its strengths, the challenge is the presence of too many planets within it. This creates a lot of noise with each celestial member wanting to have its way. So it perpetuates tension and brews up conflict because of irreconcilable differences. Another challenge we confront in this house concerns the Moon, the lord of this fourth house. This moody, changeable luminary also sits in this house. But its gentle words of wisdom, mostly land on the deaf ears of the rest. However, we know astrologically that for Pakistan the Moon is key to not only the country’s survival but also its progress. The new firdaria cycle for Pakistan begins with the 9-year Moon period and even in the vedic astrological time cycle, we are presently in the Moon’s greater period.

More about the Moon in Pakistan’s chart will come in another blog. For now, let’s get back to Rahu and Ketu, the shadow planets that are also known as the Moon’s nodes.

Rahu-Ketu in Pisces-Virgo | 31st October 2023

Unlike the 1H-7H on the cusp of Aries-Libra, where Rahu-Ketu were posited from March-April 2022 till 31st October 2023, their shift into Pisces-Virgo brings a different flavor. From the visible chaos and confusion and dramatic events of the action-packed cardinal Aries-Libra, we quietly enter a subtler and gentler realm of Pisces-Virgo. Don’t get fooled just because they appear to have gone underground. And don’t become complacent because the shady serpent energy works insidiously here too. As shadow planets, Rahu-Ketu relish working behind the scenes. Let’s see then what the Pisces-Virgo energy represents.

Making the Abstract Concrete

One key theme of this alignment is to look deep into our tangible and intangible roots to observe how these affect our attitudes and behaviours. Not just seeds of our ideologies, but also traces of all historical roots within this land itself. Pisces is inward reflections that can bring profound insights. Virgo is about making sense through critical evaluation for practical problem solving. However, because this shift in the horoscope involves the problematic houses 12H and 6H in the astrological chart, if the creative reflective space provided by Pisces-Virgo is not availed properly, we can expect huge losses, wasteful expenditures, escapism, isolation, rotting diseases and endless conflicts and litigations. The disregard for law and order will become even more systemic. Unconstitutional behaviours which were instigated last year in 2022 by Ketu’s entry into Libra, the scales of justice, as well as by its close contact with Jupiter, the planet of law and justice, in Pakistan’s horoscope, will become more deep-rooted.

God is in the Details

What is the solution to such problems? Well, Rahu-Ketu’s sojourn in Pisces-Virgo tells us that to avert the negative meanings of the 12H-6H axis, a non-materialistic, more spiritual perspective and an attitude of service must be cultivated and exercised. The 12H is the big picture, while 6H involves taking small steps towards loftier goals. So, the need is to be able to work with details and evaluate objectively and critically while keeping in context a universal and compassionate framework. The lessons of these two zodiac signs and houses is one of humility, caring for the poor, the underprivileged, small and domestic animals, maintaining clean environments, eating healthy balanced diets, becoming resourceful by repairing things that are broken, coming to a harmonious relationship with nature and all creation, etc. It’s a tall order but look at it as imaginative spring-cleaning. The Pisces-Virgo mantra would be ‘take small steps and fill your heart with gratitude.’

On a technical note, Rahu-Ketu have two positional shifts depending on which mathematical calculation you want to follow. One is called the mean position, the other, is known as the true position. I have observed them both to be significant trigger points. Whichever comes first, sets off the initial triggers. So look out for the themes that the mean nodal shift of Rahu-Ketu on 31st October wants us to consider for the next 18 months. Remember, these will be subtler and require discriminating abilities since the zodiac signs and houses involved have those qualities. The true nodal position on 29th November 2023 will again trigger events carrying such themes that take us till the next Rahu-Ketu shift on19th May 2025.

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