Read about the astrology of Pakistan and some of the famous historical horoscopes that have survived in the Islamic world. Also, planetary symbolism on artefacts and in the literature from the Islamic lands.

The Horoscope of Baghdad

The unique horoscope of Baghdad shows us one of the ways astrology was used by rulers in the Islamic empire. Despite choosing the best possible time for the city’s foundation, the astrologers could still not prevent the destruction it was fated to suffer.

The Seventh House

Relationships From the seventh house onwards the chart deals with external matters. Till the sixth house, it was more domestic and internal affairs. Seventh house is therefore the house that deals with foreign relationship, diplomacy and global relations. Trade and Business Partnerships This is the other important arena which is seen from the seventh house …

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The First House

The Tree The First House is perhaps the most important house in a birth chart because it represents longevity and life force. The metaphor for this house is the tree. So it covers appearance and identity. It shows attitudes and opinions and also world views. The Chart Ruler The planet that rules the zodiac sign …

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The Challenged Sun

Directionless The position of the Sun in Pakistan’s chart is severely compromised. It’s been housed in the darkest corner of the chart and sits next to Saturn, the deity of darkness, doom and gloom. What does the Sun represent? In the chart of Pakistan, the Sun represents leaders and leadership. It doesn’t have much of …

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