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Fourth House Word Cloud-2
The Fourth House
The Seed The Fourth House of the Birth Chart has a special significance. It is the foundation upon which the entire chart sits. The metaphor is that of the seed.
Fate vs. Destiny in Pakistan's Chart
Fate in Pakistan’s Chart The configuration of the planets at midnight on Friday, 15th August 1947 as seen from Karachi can be considered the genetic makeup of Pakistan. That is its fate. Unchangeable....
The Challenged Sun
Directionless The position of the Sun in Pakistan’s chart is severely compromised. It’s been housed in the darkest corner of the chart and sits next to Saturn, the deity of darkness, doom...
Phases of the Moon 30 days
The Reign of the Moon
Moon is the public The Moon is very important to track in a mundane chart as it represents the masses — the people of the country. Public attitudes and opinions are seen from the Moon which very...